Ananda Holistic Services

Ananda Holistic Services

– Human Design lectures. Quantum mechanics on DNA
– I-ching lectures
– Tarot lectures
– Mediumnic services
– Shamanic sessions

Lectures can be via viceoconf, telegram, phone call or email as well

  • Human Design lectures. Quantum mechanics on DNA.


The most advanced self-knowledge system in present time, which combines the ancient wisdom of hindu-brahman chakra system, the Tree of Life from Kabalah, the Zodiac wheel and I-ching 56 hexagrams, related to the 64 DNA codons.

Get to know your REAL self and set aside conditioning and not-self identifying.


  • I-ching lectures


Ask the most accurate oracle for the correct direction to take, wise advice or clearness on confusions.


  • Tarot lectures


Call the Arquetipes for guidance

  • Medium Services


Metaphysic communication with non incorporated entities, ascended masters, passed away beings, immaterial guides,..

  • Shamanic sessions (Only in person service. Location to be defined ad hoc)


Guided meditations, shamanic healing, induced astral voyages, induced NDE, spiritual guidance, psychonautics.


All services but the last can be in person or on-line, via videoconference, telegram, phone call, email or the means you may suggest.

Prices to be agreed for each instance. Accept barter, FairCoin, IntegralCES coins. For other methods of exchange, please contact.

  • Faircoin Address: fR71yU3PUQgzJkuHwNaTCxwo7LzXwktKfx
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