FairSpot Novi Sad

  • Email: fairspotns@gmail.com
  • Located just a few km from Novi Sad, our humble FairSpot invites everyone to :

    Come and stay for the night, week…Find a safe place while on your travels. Share a meal with us.

    Arrange various workshops , permaculture, art, activism related.

    Work in a small garden.



    Exchange ideas, build a stronger community.

    We are not big in size, but big in hearts, and like the rest of you, want to work together, and step by step, just maybe – create a different future.

    Address/location: Jasmina 65, Sremska Kamenica, Novi Sad

    Also, you can always contact by email.

  • Faircoin Address: fbMcaprqzWALmZrSxcgo56omvPqKadKt86
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