Translations from English to Spanish, French into Spanish; Revision of translations, Proofreading

Sustainable and Fair Translation
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  • Dear PM’s and outsourcers, I am a enthusiastic, hardworking and creative professional translator and proofreader. I graduated from my MA in Translation&Interpreting in 2008 but I had already studied an English Philology BA before. I began translating for a canmaking company in Zaragoza, before being a pro freelance translator.  I have been freelancing since I graduated working for some agencies in general texts,marketing, advertising, technical fields (canmaking, lubricants, automotive, manuals, IT, industrial production, agroindustry, etc.), web content.

    Although any topic seems interesting to me, my passion is translating about topics concerned with sustainability, environment, ecology, social economy, development aid, Human rights, appropriate technology, communities, biomass, renewables and topics related.

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