Here you have some graphic materials to be used in your productive project, shop, cooperative or other organization.

Accepting Faircoin sign:

Payments Poster:

Download and edit this LibreOffice document to put the name of your project, your QR code image and your Faircoin Address. Then print and place it in a visible place for your customers to pay you, using the camera of their smartphone from their Faircoin Wallet App:


This system is easy for your customers, but they need to write the amount and the payments came to you in the same account (every wallet can have many accounts), with the same label.

If you have a tablet or smartphone at the counter:

For every payment you can write the amount and the label (concept) from the ‘receive payment’ page of your faircoin wallet, and show the generated QR code to the customer. Then the customer scans the showed QR and only needs to confirm the payment. This way the payments came to you with more detailed information.